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Data – The New Oil

    Accurate data provides correct information for proper decision making and implementing smart strategies for growth of the organizations. Today, data is changing the face of our World. In general, data may simply be another word for information; but in business and computing, it refers to information which is machine-readable. It is one of the critical resources in digital ...

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Managing Business Risks in Uncertain Times

  With its vast natural resources, Odisha is ranked as a top investment destination of India, yet the State remains one of the most backward States of India along with other eastern States of Jharkhand, Bihar and Chhatisgarh. Such contradictory situation can be explained by number of causative factors including low levels of entrepreneurship, risk averse mind set and non-application ...

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Euphoria Over Investments

Odisha had fast-tracked itself on the industrialization front by inking MoUs with more than 93 industrial houses and quite a few of them have commenced production. ‘Make in Odisha’ euphoria is in the air. This is part of Odisha’s aggressive new industrial policy that hopes to attract fresh investments to the tune of Rs.2.5 lakh crore and generate several lakh jobs ...

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