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Building skills, renewing vision: A small roadmap to development

“In China, probably 10-13% people are engaged in agriculture and only about 4% in US. We must bring it down to 25-30% in India to make this an efficient process. If that has to happen, we have to go down to rural India and develop skills and they need not migrate to the cities. We can automate various phases of ...

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How to make Odisha a manufacturing hub of smaller thing

The perception towards the cost and quality has undergone a sea change. In a globalized world, quality is the key factor which sells the items. Because of very stiff competition across the world, good quality along with the competitive pricing keeps the products sale-able. With the economic condition of the people improving all over the world, cheap items with low ...

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Is Odisha caught up in a ‘Rotten Potato’ syndrome?

One particular pair of shoes does not fit all.Hence, the Chinese created new shoes for themselves. With a new approach and attitude towards discipline, social etiquettes, health and hygiene etc. China created new priorities and economic theories and defined them to fit into their ground realities. Rest, as they say, has become history!Chinese housewife preferred throwing out all the ‘rotten ...

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MSME – “Miles to Go”

Internationally the Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) plays a vital role for the growth & development of the economy & treated as an indicator for inclusive growth & equitable development. The Indian economy is expected to grow over eight percent per annum until 2020. If at all this figure is achieved then it will be the third largest economy ...

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Odisha is expected to be the hub of downstream and ancillary industries in Chemical & Petrochemical sectors in the next five years. Leading organizations & Research institutions like CIPCT, IIT & ODCL can lead the movement from the front. The State must take the initiative to formulate a policy for plastic processing industry. Internationally India has become an important actor ...

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Agriculture Development and Industrial Policy

The mega industries require more capital investment but compared to capital investment less employment opportunities are created; whereas the small, micro and agro based industries require less capital and create more employment opportunities. A stable government is ruling the state led by the chief minister- Naveen Patnaik of BijuJanata Dal (BJD); since one and half decades. No chief minister or ...

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Logistic Park in Smart City

Congratulations! Two cities of Odisha have been selected to be transformed as Smart Cities. Our state capital Bhubaneswar has topped the list of the 1st 20 cities of the country. We should express our sincere thanks to the citizenry of Bhubaneswar and Rourkela for this historical achievement. Smart City depends much on improved transport. The role of goods transport plays ...

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The Future Lies In Balance

Odisha, known to the outside world only through the stories of hunger and child sale emanating from the drought belt of Kalahandi, is being recognized as an investment destination. Global players in the industry took note of the state with some coming forward to invest. However, co-existence of Environment and Industry can very well be done in Odisha. Industrialization has ...

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Fisheries Development and Management:Potentials and Challenges

The Industrial Policy Resolution-2015 has identified seafood processing as a thrust sector and has made special incentives for the development of this sector. Other than IPR, the Odisha Food Processing policy also provides for various incentive schemes for investors in this sector. An important component of human well-being is employment, which in aquaculture has grown rapidly in the last three ...

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