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Implementation of UNNATI Project

 The aims and objectives of Project UNNATI of the Ministry of Shipping are as follows:

  1. Benchmark operational and financial performance of the 12 major ports with selected Indian private ports and best-in-class international ports for identifying improvement areas.
  2. Undertake capability maturity assessment for key processes and functional capabilities (e.g., IT, HR, Environment, and Health) and identify gaps and areas for further strengthening.
  • Detailed deep-dive diagnosis and root cause analysis for the identified opportunity areas in each of the 12 major ports to understand underlying reasons for performance bottlenecks.
  1. Develop practical and actionable solutions on the basis of root cause findings, and develop a comprehensive improvement roadmap for each of the 12 major ports.

Under Project UNNATI 116 initiatives have been identified for various major ports. Out of the 116 initiatives, 86 have been implemented so far. Details in this regard are given below :


Sl.No. Port Name Initia-tive No. Initiative Status
1 Paradip 1.1 Modification of existing berthing policy and setup of penal berth charges linked to productivity norms Implemented
2 1.2 Generate additional demand Implemented
3 1.3 Creation of dual loading slots at mechanized coal handling plant Implemented
4 1.4 End to end scheduling between Paradip –Kamarajar (Ennore) for Panamax ships Implemented
5 2.1 Use IHP for export coal cargo and handle Haldia top/up vessels and smaller players Implemented
6 3.1 Rationalization of existing plots in MCHP and development of additional land (if required) Implemented
7 3.2 Improve RRS monitoring to improve mntc. and reduce rake TRT Upgrade coal loading system at MCL Implemented
8 3.5 Regular operation of 5 long haul BOBR rakes in Talcher-Paradip sector Under Implementation
9 4.1 Operate 8 HMCs across EQ 1/3, CQ1/2 berths to upgrade productivity Implemented
10 4.2 Penal charges linked to productivity norms for different cargo for each HMC and each vessel Implemented
11 5.1 Develop additional storage capacity and full rake sidings for conventional operations Implemented
12 5.2 Setup norms and penalty structure for managing yard to incentivize better performance and reallocate siding plots to players as per cargo handling volume Implemented
13 5.3 Add new dumpers to the fleet and reduce shift changeover times for dumper operations Implemented
14 6.1 Mechanization of EQ 1/3 Implemented
15 Deendayal


2.1 Increasing crane throughput by optimizing grab sizes to commodities Implemented
16 2.2 Bunching of TIL ELL 2 cranes in fewer berths to increase crane density on the berths Implemented
17 2.3 Improving 2 performance of own MHC by optimizing boom length and grab volume Implemented
18 2.4 Increase crane density by adding 4 100T MHCs Under Implementation
19 3.1 Reduce tug fuel consumption Implemented
20 3.2 Improve night navigation by using advanced navigational aids Implemented
21 3.3 Mechanization of fertilizer berth Implemented
22 4.1 Increase overall dry bulk productivity by instituting berth productivity norms Implemented
23 4.2 Reduce non-working time by instituting hot seat changes Implemented
24 4.3 Reduce non working time by changing shift schedule Implemented
25 4.4 Increase overall liquid productivity by instituting berth productivity norms Implemented
26 5.1 Increase utilization of POL berth OJ6  to create capacity at OJ 3,4 by shifting cargo and proper scheduling of vessels Implemented
27 6.1 Re-bunching of cranes between CJ 1-5 to increase its utilization and improve productivity Implemented
28 7.1 Implement discount/incentive scheme to drive productivity Implemented

V.O.Chid-ambaranar (Tuticorin)

1.1 Incorporate specific productivity norms in berthing policy Implemented
30 1.2 Installation of MHCs at berths III and IV Under Implementation
31 1.3 Mechanization of evacuation on berth IX Implemented
32 2.1 Consolidation and improvement of spare capacity on TNEB berths Under Implementation
33 2.2 Short/term agreement with DBGT for us of berth VIII for copper concentrate vessels Implemented
34 Kolkata 3.1 Increase container handling capacityby adding HMC to berth 3 in KDS,NSD Under Implementation
35 3.2 Reduce NWT by instituting hot seatchanges and reducing marine waittime Implemented
36 4.1 Improvement of truck trafficduring night by facilitating nightpayment and customs clearance Implemented
37 4.2 Reduce rake turnaround time at KDS by improving railway infrastructure Under Implementation
38 6.1 Reduce loco hiring cost by relocating 2 good quality locos to from KDS to HDC instead of leasing new ones Under Implementation
39 6.3 Reduce security cost at KDS byreducing security cover for areaswith lower activity Implemented
40 Haldia* 1.1 Increase crane density at berths 2,8 by adding HMCs, hardstand 100 sqm behind to add storage capacity Implemented
41 1.2 Increase crane density at berths 9 by adding a HMC, hardstand 150sqm behind to add storage capacity Under Implementation
42 1.3 Reduce non-working time byreducing shift change time, marinewait time Under Implementation
43 1.4 Increase capacity of mechanizedcoal export berth 4, use excesscapacity for coastal imports ifexports do not pick up Implemented
44 2.1 Making transloadingoptionattractive by reducing overall costand creating a combined package Implemented
45 5.1 Dredging Implemented
46 6.2 Reduce tug operation cost atHDC by scrapping own tugs andreplacing them by hired tugs Under Implementation
47 7.1 Increase in flow-rate of liquid cargo as per new norms Implemented
48 7.2 Reduction of Non-Working time in Oil Jetties and Reduction of non-Berthing time in Oil Jetties Under Implementation
49 Jawaharlal Nehru 1.1 Reduce shift change losses to improve QC productivity Implemented
50 1.2 Increase twin/lift ratio Implemented
51 1.3 Redesign operator incentive scheme Implemented
52 1.4 Improve QC productivity through dual cycling Implemented
53 2.1 Dynamic deployment of RTGCs based on actual demand Implemented
54 2.2 Ensure 100% yard integrity through real/time update of container location by RTGC operators Implemented
55 2.3 Acquire additional RTGCs Under Implementation
56 2.4 Improve yard layout by converting shallow draught berth yard to RTGC- operable IM yard Under Implementation
57 3.1 Improve pre/gate traffic management Implemented
58 3.2 Install OCR portals at 3 import &  export gates Implemented
59 3.3 Frontload import EIR generation to import yard Implemented
60 4.1 Implement chassis positioning system Implemented
61 4.2 Reduce waiting time for TT Implemented
62 4.3 Operator training program Implemented
63 4.4 Liquid norms imposition Implemented
64 4.5 Reduce container dwell time for export containers Implemented
65 4.6 Implement VBS Implemented
66 Mumbai 1.1 Install quick release systems on berths Implemented
67 1.2 Policy change to mandate usage of common testing facilities at JD Implemented
68 1.3 Improve flow rate by leasing tank farms at JD and implementing low performance penalties Implemented
69 2.1 Shift coal to nearby ports Implemented
70 3.1 Provide better customer service to OEMs – Dedicated storage area and fuel supply at port Implemented
71 3.2 Reduce vehicle damage – Core team for vehicle management and clearing pathway Implemented
72 4.2 Installation of higher capacity shore crane and use of 2nd OCT berth for steel handling Under Implementation
73 Mormugao 1.1 Implementation of hot seat shift change Implemented
74 1.2 Improve HMC operator performance Implemented
75 1.3 Addition of HMC on general cargo berths Implemented
76 2.1 Improve gate process through automation
and process simplification
77 3.1 Enhance draft for JSW coal berth to increase cargo handling capacity Under Implementation
78 3.2 Development of 10MTPA new coal
Under Implementation
79 5.1 SVRS announcement and redeployment
of MOHC employees
80 New Mangalore 1.1 Increase container cargo by attracting customers from Mysore and adjoining areas Implemented
81 1.2 Improving service level of containers & providing equipment’s at berth no.8 for handling of containers Under Implementation
82 2.1 Setup an LNG terminal at NEW MANGALORE on a PPP basis Under Implementation
83 3.1 Setup a mechanized fertilizer handling berth with silo storage and a bagging plant Under Implementation
84 4.1 Reduce overtime costs by migrating to a three shift deployment for tugs, pilot launches and mooring boats Under Implementation
85 Cochin 1.1 Incentivize and increase reliability of rail movement of containers between Coimbatore and Cochin Implemented
86 1.2 Reduce checkpoint delays for containers moving by road from Coimbatore to Cochin Implemented
87 1.3 Relaxation of cabotage on coastal goods – bulk and containers Under Implementation
88 2.1 Develop coastal movement of rice & wheat from North India with FCI and 3rd party logistics players Under Implementation
89 2.2 Attract fertilizer imports through investment in mechanized bagging plant Under Implementation
90 Visakhap-atnam 1.1 Setup new Business Development team to convert customers for VPT Implemented
91 1.2 Reconfigure cargo handling volumes of existing customers along S. Central Railway from low to high productive berths Implemented
92 2.1 Allocate additional land to high productive berths to drive higher productivity Implemented
93 2.2 Revisit storage cost in PPP BOT to make them competitive Implemented
94 3.1 Setup dashboard and regularize weekly meetings to track performance. Subsequently use inputs to set productivity norms Implemented
95 Kamarajar (Ennore)


1.1 Implement governance mechanism for improving productivity at coal handling terminals Implemented
96 2.1 Increase in non –Tangedco cargo at Chettinad terminal Implemented
97 3.1 Modification of existing empty Iron Ore berth to handle coal and serve hinterland demand Under Implementation
98 4.1 Improve productivity at liquid terminal through installation of additional pipeline Under Implementation
99 5.1 Revise foreign vessel schedule for Tangedco Implemented
100 5.2 Introduce anchorage charges for coal vessels Implemented
101 5.3 Implement appointment system based priority berthing for high performance coastal coal vessels Implemented
102 6.1 Maximize coal sent to ECHS and Additional yard from CB1 Implemented
103 6.2 Upgrade conveyor links and decouple plant and berth operations for CB1 Under Implementation
104 6.3 Repair pipe conveyor for CB2 Implemented
105 6.4 Reduce NWT in CICT through reduction in stone picking, draft check & pay loader placement times Implemented
106 6.5 Reduce variation in equipment productivity Implemented
107 6.6 Engage with Poompuhar& other stakeholders to replace Handymax/ Handysize/ Supramax vessels with Panamax/ Post Panamax vessels Under


108 Chennai 1.1 Monitor &incentivise yard productivity of private terminals Implemented
109 1.3 Frontload pre-gate processing & entry of trailer details to CFS Implemented
110 1.4 Automate container verification by installing cameras Implemented
111 1.5 Discount charges on rake operations for Bangalore ICD Implemented
112 1.6 Develop common railway yard inside the port Implemented
113 1.7 Test run rail-road wagons Under


114 3.1 Match Chennai port charges to Krishnapatnam for edible oil Implemented
115 3.2 Start edible oil rakes between Chennai and Madurai Under


116 4.1 Attract fertilizer imports through investment in mechanized bagging plant Under



*Haldia Dock Complex is part of Kolkata Port.

Shri Mansukh L Mandavia,  Minister of State for Shipping gave this information in a written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha

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