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National Steel Policy

National Steel Policy, 2017 envisages development of a technologically advanced and globally competitive steel industry that promotes self-sufficiency in steel production. Steel being a de-regulated sector, government acts as facilitator, by creating enabling environment for development of steel sector. In line with the National Steel Policy, 2017, various initiatives taken by the Government are as following:-

(i) Notification of Domestically Manufactured Iron & Steel Products (DMI&SP) Policy for promoting procurement of Made in India steel.

(ii) Notification of Steel Scrap Recycling Policy to enhance the availability of domestically generated scrap.

(iii) Issuance of Steel Quality Control Order to stop manufacturing and import of non-standardized steel.

(iv) Steel Import Monitoring System (SIMS) for advanced registration of steel imports.

(v) Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme for Specialty Steel with an outlay of ₹6,322 cores.

(vi) Engagement with various stakeholders including industry associations and leaders of domestic steel industry to address their issues by the concerned Ministries/Departments of the Central Government and State Governments.

(vii) Engagement with relevant stakeholders including from Railways, Defence, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Housing, Civil Aviation, Road Transport and Highways, Agriculture and Rural Development sectors to enhance the steel usage and overall demand for steel in the country.

(viii) Establishment of Project Development Cell in the Ministry to attract and facilitate investment in the steel sector

The details of progress in respect of some of the performance parameters during the past four years are as following:-

  1. Crude Steel Capacity and Production.
Year Crude Steel



over last year




over last year

2017-18 137.98 7.6 103.13 5.3
2018-19 142.24 3.1 110.92 7.6
2019-20 142.30 0.0 109.14 -1.6
2020-21 143.91 1.1 103.54 -5.1
2021-22 (Apr.-Nov.) 143.91# 76.44 21.1
Source: Joint Plant Committee (JPC);

#capacity is reported for complete fiscal year i.e., 2021-22.

  1. Production and Consumption of total finished steel.
Year Total Finished Steel


% change

over last year



% change

over last year

2017-18 95.01 3.8 90.71 7.9
2018-19 101.29 6.6 98.71 8.8
2019-20 102.62 1.3 100.17 1.5
2020-21 96.20 -6.3 94.89 -5.3
2021-22 (Apr.-Nov.) 72.07 25.5 66.37 20.4
Source: JPC
  1.  Per capita consumption of total finished steel.
Year Per Capita Consumption of total Finished Steel  – (kg)
2017-18 69.0
2018-19 74.4
2019-20 74.7
2020-21 70.0
2021-22 (Ap.-Nov.)(e) 72.3
Source: JPC; e=estimated
  1. Import and Export of Finished Steel.
Year Total Finished Steel (alloy/stainless + non-alloy) Volume (mt) Total Finished Steel (alloy/stainless + non-alloy) Value (Rs Crores )
Import Export Import Export
2017-18 7.48 9.62 39484 35265
2018-19 7.84 6.36 49317 46629
2019-20 6.77 8.36 44683 33153
2020-21 4.75 10.78 32154 36726
April- November 2021* 3.06 9.53 28579 69720
Source: JPC;*provisional


  1. Reduction in greenhouse gas (CO2) emission.
Year Specific CO2 emission:
2018-19 2.55
2019-20 2.48
2020-21 2.49




This information was given by the Union Minister of Steel, Shri Ram Chandra Prasad Singh in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha

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