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‘Eco Retreat’ will certainly welcome you

Odisha is not only a land of magnificent monuments, intricate handicrafts, colourful fairs and festivals, Odishi Dance and Music; but also a land of golden beaches, precipitous waterfalls, sprawling lakes, healing hot springs, luxuriant forests.

Odisha Tourism, the Tourism development wing of the Odisha government is organizing ‘Eco Retreat Odisha’ at multiple tourist destinations in the State during every winter season.

Capitalizing on the success of first edition of Eco Retreat organized on Ramchandi beach in Konark between December 15, 2019 and February 15, 2020, Odisha Tourism is all set to introduce the glamorous camping, popularly known as glamping events, at Baliput (Satkosia), Nalitapatia (Bhitarkanika), Daringbadi and Hirakud along with Ramchandi Beach.

Like the Eco Retreat Konark organized last time, the events this time also promise to be a unique experience of glamorous camping in luxury cottages, delectable cuisine, spa, adventure and water sports activities, nature trails and wholesome day itineraries and cultural evenings.

Odisha, ‘India’s Best Kept Secret’ has a distinct draw because of its untouched beaches, magnanimous ancient Kalingan architecture, divine spiritual experiences and fantastic ecotourism potentialities. Odisha is also being known for the best glamour camping (Glamping) destination of India. Glamping in Odisha @Eco Retreat 2021, will bring the best of the worldly pleasures to the guests, in the best of settings in the lap of nature, in the biodiversity state of Odisha! It will bring Luxury camps, offering 5 star facilities; while under a million star sky enjoying raw nature!

You have waited too long, been locked up and distressed due to COVID. Your desire to explore ‘Odisha by Road ‘ and revel in unmatched luxury Camping or glamping  experiences, with the best in accommodation, food & drinks, adrenaline pumping activities and immersive cultural experiences and tours, all rolled in one and all in the unexplored pristine offerings of serine nature in Odisha. The campsites are set in many picturesque locations showcasing Odisha’s natural bounty on natural river beds and sand bars, virgin beaches, mangrove forests and hill stations. All exciting !

Eco Retreat Konark will be having 50 Swiss Cottage Tents under three categories – Presidential Luxury Swiss Cottage Tents, Premium Swiss Cottage Tents, Deluxe Swiss Cottage Tents with Air Conditioned Restaurant & Bar, Air Conditioned Conference Hall and Air Conditioned Reception.

Eco Retreat Satkosia will be having 25 Deluxe Swiss Cottage Tents, Air Conditioned Restaurant & Bar and Air Conditioned Reception.

Eco Retreat Bhitarkanika will be having 20 Tents comprising of Deluxe, Premium and Maharajah Swiss Cottage Tents, Air Conditioned Restaurant & Bar with Air Conditioned Reception.

Eco Retreat Daringbadi will be having 25 Deluxe Swiss Cottage Tents, Air Conditioned Restaurant & Bar with Air Conditioned Reception.

Eco Retreat Hirakud will be having 25 Premium Swiss Cottage Tents, Air Conditioned Restaurant & Bar with Air Conditioned Reception.

Eco Retreat Konark, which was organized for the first time in the State in 2019, was highly successful with record occupancy and it evolved as a distinct tourism brand. The cottage occupancy was around 89 percent with over 4,000 tourists spending times in camps besides on an average 5,000 visitors a day enjoying the cultural extravaganza. Based on the experience gained by Odisha Tourism, they want to provide the tourists luxurious accommodation at the lap of the nature. People may not prefer to visit crowded places during COVID times, but they would love to visit in close settings. Events like Eco Retreat Odisha will be the best option for both Indian and exotic tourists.

Odisha, being one of the most beautiful Indian States is an ideal destination throughout the year.  Having religious and spiritual significance, the state is explored by thousands of tourists and devotees across the globe. Winters make the ideal time to plan a trip to Odisha as the weather remains balmy and pleasant. Winters between October and February is the most suitable to get around Odisha and explore the beautiful state. The weather is cool, pleasant and perfect with 10°C. Visiting Odisha during the winter season you would witness the lush greenery all around and will have the opportunity to reminisce the scintillating views. The pleasant weather of the season would allow you to make the most out of your trip to Odisha where you can roam around the world famous monuments. If you are a nature lover, then Odisha is next to heaven.

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