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DRDO identifies 108 Systems and Subsystems for industry to design, develop and manufacture towards achieving “Atmanirbhar Bharat”

Responding to the clarion call given by Hon’ble Prime Minister for “Atmanirbhar Bharat”, the Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) has taken several initiatives to strengthen the indigenous defence ecosystem.  Towards this, A DRDO delegation met with Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh today to apprise him about 108 systems and subsystems which have been identified for designing and development by the Indian Industry only. The list of technologies is enclosed at Appendix . This initiative will pave the way for Indian Defence industry to develop many technologies towards building an AtmaNirbhar Bharat.

DRDO will also provide support to industries for design, development and testing of these systems on requirement basis.  All the requirements of these systems by R&D establishments, Armed Forces, and other Security Agencies can be met through development contracts or production orders on suitable Indian industry. This will allow DRDO to focus on design & development of critical and advanced technologies and systems.

DRDO has been partnering with industry for realization of its systems. Collaborating with DRDO in the development of major weapon systems the Indian industry has matured to a stage where they can develop systems on their own. Indian industry has progressed from a ‘build to print’ partner to ‘build to specification’ partner.

The present industry base for DRDO consists of 1800 MSMEs along with DPSUs, Ordnance Factories and large scale industries.  DRDO has already taken major initiatives through various policies to involve Indian industry as Development cum Production Partners (DcPP), offering its technology to industry at nominal cost and providing free access to its patents.

This initiative will support the fast growing Indian defence industrial ecosystem and will help the industry to contribute towards “Atmanirbhar Bharat” in a big way.


Systems/ Sub systems for Industry to Design, Developand Manufacture

S.No. System Time-lines Remarks
Mini& Micro UAVs 2020  
Mini&MicroRoVs 2020  
Un-cooled NV-IR sights for weapons (short range) 2020  
Mountain Foot Bridge (Metallic) 2020  
Multi Span Bridge (Metallic) 2020  
Modular Bridge (Metallic) 2020  
Floating Bridge (Metallic) 2020  
Mines Laying and Marking Equipments 2020  
NBC Shelters 2020  
Armoured Engineering Reconnaissance Vehicle (AERV) 2020  
Multipurpose Decontamination Systems (MPDS) 2020  
Mobile Decontamination System (MDS) 2020  
Solo Vehicle Based Transporter cum Tilter System 2020  
Special Purpose Transporters upto 80 T Payload 2020  
Loader cum Replenishment (LCR) Vehicles 2020  
Anti-Terrorist Vehicle (ATV) 2020  
Heavy Recovery Vehicle 2020  
IR flare 2020  
Tank Transporter 2020  
Multi Spectral Camouflage Net (MSCN) 2021  
Unit Maintenance Vehicle 2021  
Unit Repair Vehicle 2021  
Bullet Proof Vehicle 2020  
Missile Canisters 2020  
Missile Assembly Jigs 2020  
Missile Storage Containers 2020  
Marine Rocket Launcher 2020  
Image Intensified (II)Based Weapon Sights 2021  
Single Mode LASER Source(up to 2 kW ) 2020  
Blast Doors 2020  
Fire Detection  Systems 2020  
Telemedicine System 2020  
Satellite Navigation Receivers 2020  
Fabric  for Parachutes 2021  
TR Modules 2020  
 Batteries (Ag-Zn , Li Ion, Thermal) 2021  
MicrowaveReceivers 2021  
Single Board Computer 2020  
Hardware for Onboard Computers 2021  
Pneumatic Actuator System (upto 450 kgf) 2020  
Stabilization Systems for Ground Based Applications 2020  
Display Systems 2020  
Hydraulic Actuation Systems (upto 16 T) 2021  
Electro Mechanical Actuators (upto 2T) 2021  
Cable Looms 2020  
Relay Units 2020  
Hardware for Fire Control Systems 2020  
Video converters 2020  
Display Processors 2020  
Navigation Radars 2020  
Blast Sensors 2020  
Routers 2021  
Electric Power Conditioners 2021  
Germanium Blanks 2021  
Optical Blanks ( VK 7, fused Silica)    
Solenoid valve (> 10 ms) 2021  
EMP protected Racks 2020  
Shelters for Radar & Communication 2021  
Antennas for Satellite Communication  Receivers 2021  
Airborne Displays 2021  
PCM Decomuntation System 2020  
Tele command System 2020  
Transponder System 2020  
Onboard SCP for Telemetry 2020  
Onboard PCM for Telemetry 2020  
Onboard Antennae for Telemetry 2020  
High Nitrogen Steel 2020  
2xxx, 5xxx,6xxx and 7xxx series Aluminum 2020  
Rotary Joints 2020  
Slip Rings 2021  
Bearings High speed  ( Miniature) 2020  
Torpedo Tubes 2020  
Pressure Transducers 2021  
Bus Controllers for 1553, CAN, 1773 2020  
Power PC Back Planes 2020  
Umbilical Connectors 2020  
RF Cables 2020  
RF Connectors 2020  
Miniature Bearings 2021  
Slewing Rings 2021  
MIL – Connectors 2020  
MIL – Relays (Electro Mechanical) 2020  
MIL – Relays (Solid state) 2020  
Pressure Tight and Non Pressure Tight Cable 2020  
Pressure Tight and Non Pressure Tight Connectors 2021  
RF power Amplifier 2020  
Bulk Up Converters 2020  
EMP Power Line Filters 2020  
EMP Data Filters 2020  
EMI/EMC Filters 2020  
EMI/EMC Gaskets 2020  
Composite Materials Sea Water Pumps 40TPH & 125 TPH 2021  
Miniature Self-regulating Dual Flow JT Cooler 2021  
Solid State TTR, CTS, TAR Magnetron for OSA-AK-M 2021  
Amplidyne 2021  
Secure Customized 3G/LTE end –Points (Handsets/Dongles) for Mobile Network 2021  
Pressure Measuring Instrument for Aircraft Application 2021  
Air Data Probe for Aircraft Application 2021  
Pumps for Aircraft Application-Hydraulic 2021  
Nose Wheel Steering Manifold 2021  
Angle of Attack & Angle of Side Slip Sensors 2021  
Rotary Actuation Aggregators for Fighter  Aircraft Application 2021  
Total Air Temperature Probe 2021  
Potentiometer for Aircraft Application 2021  
Fuel System Components for Aircraft Application 2021  
Marine Desalinations for Life Rafts 2021  
Absorption Type Air Conditioning System Based on Waste Heat Recovery 2021  
24 Gigabit Ethernet switch 2021

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