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Production and Export of Mangoes 

The details of India’s exports of mangoes during the last three years and the current year are as under:

Quantity (in MT); Value (in Million USD)





2015-16 2106-17 2017-18 2018-19

(UPTO Nov-18)*

Quantity Value Quantity Value Quantity Value Quantity Value
08045020 MANGOES FRESH 36779.26 50.10 52761.00 66.46 49671.32 59.45 43063.70 53.80
08045030 MANGOES SLICED DRIED 3644.09 6.94 376.78 2.40 569.05 3.05 1035.56 3.39
08045040 MANGO PULP 128866.01 121.29 130886.07 126.14 110923.73 104.54 72187.96 64.12
TOTAL   169289.36 178.33 184023.85 195.00 161164.10 167.04 116287.22 121.31

Source: DGCI&S, *Figures of 2018-19 are provisional only


State wise data for exports is not published by DGCI&S. The details of state-wise production of mangoes, during the last three years and the current year, are at below.


Mangoes are processed by the registered packhouse facilities having ripening chambers, pre-cooling facilities and cold storage facilities for shipment to UAE and other West Asian countries.  Mangoes to these destinations are exported in refrigerated containers having requisite temperature of 12°C.  As per industry’s feedback, there is no shortage of availability of refrigerated containers for sea shipment.  To the distant destinations like EU and USA, mangoes are exported by air, which reaches the market in two days. To facilitate exports of mangoes by refrigerated vans, Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), under the Infrastructure Development component of its export promotion scheme, provides financial assistance for purchase of insulated/reefer transport/mobile pre cooling units upto 40% of the cost subject to ceiling of Rs.100 lakhs. Assistance for Reefer transport vehicles is also available under Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH), a Centrally Sponsored Scheme implemented by Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare.


APEDA, an autonomous organisation under the administrative control of Department of Commerce, has been mandated with the export promotion of Mangoes. As such, no proposal for setting up a Mango Board is under consideration of the Government.


During 2018, APEDA has organized the following programmes in the importing countries:


Date Venue & Country Programme
1st – 2nd June, 2018 Almaty, Kazakhstan Buyer Seller Meet with In-Store promotions in 6 stores of retail chains
4th June, 2018 Astana, Kazakhstan In-store promotion in 5 stores of retail chains
27th – 29th June, 2018 Guangzhou, China International Food Expo 2018
2nd, 9th& 16th June, 2018 Busan, South Korea 2018 Mango Promotional Events


Promotion of exports of agricultural products like mangoes is a continuous process. India has filed Market Access Requests for mangoes with several countries like Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Israel, Malawi, Peru, Russia, Serbia, Uruguay and Uzbekistan. Under the newly introduced Agriculture Export Policy, clusters have been identified in the States of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for export-oriented production of mangoes. MEIS of 7% is available on the export of mangoes. APEDA also provides assistance to Mango exporters under various components of its export promotion scheme.


The Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH), a Centrally Sponsored Scheme is being implemented w.e.f. 2014-15 by the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, for holistic growth of the horticulture sector covering fruits (including Mango), vegetables, root and tuber crops, mushrooms, spices, flowers, aromatic plants, coconut, cashew, cocoa and bamboo. All states and UTs are covered under MIDH. Under MIDH, credit linked assistance is provided for establishment of Cold Storage, Ripening Chambers and Reefer transport vehicles for perishable horticulture crops including Mango. The component is demand and entrepreneur driven and funds under MIDH are allocated to States on the basis of Annual Action Plans.





State-wise details of the Mango production during the last three years and the current year


Sl. No. STATES Production in ‘000 Metric tonnes
2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19*
1 ANDHRA PRADESH 2803.66 4043.47 4373.61 5001.74
3 ASSAM 46.15 47.15 48.44 61.21
4 BIHAR 1464.93 1472.38 2443.47 2434.65
5 CHHATISGARH 420.61 434.32 461.73 474.42
6 GUJARAT 1241.59 1424.87 1207.78 1219.86
7 HARYANA 89.97 96.79 98.60 119.32
8 HIMACHAL PRADESH 37.63 48.24 31.35 44.19
9 JAMMU & KASHMIR 23.74 24.15 30.35 30.48
10 JHARKHAND 393.67 438.54 435.86 432.93
11 KARNATAKA 1725.67 1719.73 1760.60 1866.23
12 KERALA 382.52 388.14 439.20 424.75
13 MADHYA PRADESH 371.48 586.24 654.79 643.62
14 MAHARASHTRA 463.17 603.83 791.36 566.37
17 MIZORAM 4.18 4.18 4.19 4.19
18 NAGALAND 3.74 4.23 4.24 4.24
19 ODISHA 778.72 817.91 805.77 805.77
20 PUNJAB 113.50 113.69 116.52 118.76
21 RAJASTHAN 82.27 154.79 87.37 105.00
23 TAMIL NADU 975.11 1282.44 1234.00 1250.77
24 TELANGANA 1778.32 482.46 1080.14 1080.13
25 TRIPURA 59.06 57.03 54.93 52.70
26 UTTAR PRADESH 4512.71 4341.00 4551.83 4577.15
27 UTTARAKHAND 149.73 150.14 152.71 152.89
28 WEST BENGAL 693.39 736.90 918.35 844.88
29 OTHERS 27.00 33.58 35.14 36.63
  TOTAL 18642.53 19506.20 21822.32 22352.87

* First Estimates

NR = Not reported

Source: Horticulture Division, DAC&FW

This information was given by the Minister of State of Commerce and Industry, C. R. Chaudhary, in written replies in the Lok Sabha

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